A new way to practice Pediatrics

American Academy of Concierge Pediatricians

Exttended visits and House Calls provide care and patient satisfaction that is unparalleled to the constraints of the traditional office practice.

The American Academy of Concierge Pediatricians  is dedicated to providing quality care to children through extended visits and by devoting time and energy to facilitate a better relationship between a pediatrician and family by removing the hindrance of the traditional pediatric office practice.

We believe that extended visits should  be the rule and not the exception and that there should be no obstacles between the physician and the patient.

Our goal is to make going to the pediatrician a trip to look forward to, not an ordeal to dread.

The American academy of concierge pediatricians strives to provide a verified network of quality Board Certified Pediatricians that have devoted their practice to provide care that is above and beyond the level of care a traditional pediatric office practice provides.

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